Tuesday, December 18, 2007

updates and stuff

i failed the LEED test. by three freaking points. my 83.5 (or 167/200) wasn't good enough; i needed an 85 (or 170/200). i should have rescheduled the test for january upon realizing that the updated manual is three times as big as the one i last used in 2005 (or i should have taken the test in 2005). sigh. that means i have to pay the $250 test fee. double sigh. however, if and when i take it and pass it, my company will pay for that test fee. just not this one. :(

love my job still. seriously. love it. love the people, love the atmosphere, love it. hee hee. this is such a foreign feeling. :)

gave blood today (spur of the moment decision, a couple of the guys at work give every three months and were going today). didn't pass out...just almost a couple times. forceful coughing helps, apparently.

omg i just realized grades are now available. hold your breath, i'm gonna check...


whew. i was really afraid. now i can't stop smiling. :)

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