Thursday, February 21, 2008


and, as ironic as it might be, happy things from this weekend and this week:

my new tires ROCK my face off. i am now semi-awesome at autocross. hee hee. my best time (80 seconds) was only about four seconds higher than the other guy in D stock, who has better tires and more mods than me.

i heart my sister and my cousin. they are probably the two people most like me/understanding of me in the world. (along with my brother).

i also heart my family. i got to see them on sunday, and while many of them were recovering from various colds/coughs/fevers, it was still a good time.

my daddy gives really awesome bear hugs.

got new windshield wiper blades on monday. thank heavens.

visited former professors and the crazy athens lunch crew (well, the two of them who came) also on monday. it was good. it reminded me that there are many, many people who actually care about my well-being. that's always a good thing.

INOKO on monday night. yellow sauce. enough said.

jesse and i climbed trees and played frisbee and cloud watched in piedmont park yesterday. it was calming, and i needed to talk, and he's a good listener (and we're both spastic, so that always makes for laughter). then after trivia i watched the lunar eclipse, which was also awesome. oh yeah, and joe and john BOTH now have the requisite shitboxes for autocross and promised to come to the next one, so it should be interesting and awesome.

yay good things!

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